It is managements business philosophy to grow this firm through strategic partnership;s and it has initially targeted Colorado and Washington as its initial markets (we do have significant relations in California and we will ultimately develop this market in time) . These markets were selected because both states have the most relaxed rules for cannabis trade weather it is hemp or medical marijuana. For Colorado: We hired Abraham Paiss & Associates to help us develop our markets and their responsibilities to us are to: I

• Identify cannabis and hemp growers, processors, and product manufacturers who would be profitable partners for USEI

• Guide vetted partners into a mutually beneficial arrangement with USEI

• Assist with contract negotiation and execution 

• Once contracts are signed, provide ongoing support from USEI to Colorado partners 

• Serve as your eyes and ears on the ground to seek out additional opportunities.

We have also hired someone to develop business in Washington as well and Tracie Allen will help us develop this market. Management will have a continuous presence in both regions and will be involved in all aspects of developing these territories including participation in trade-shows and to develop brand awareness of our company in as many trade events as possible. Our intent is to have a physical presence in these markets for a very long time.