USEI Cannabis Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Energy initiatives Corporation Inc. (stock Symbol USEI-OTC) and was formed for the express purpose to take advantages of management’s extensive relationships with legal growers, dispensaries, product developers, marketers, patent holders and other professionals in the cannabis industry in the U.S and Canada. Management believes that these relationships and opportunities could and will create significant opportunities for the firm. Management believes that this is just sound business for USEI. Our goal is strategically make our Cannabis subsidiary as a very lucrative division of USEI and develop our own proprietary products and services. Our hope is  that firm ultimately becomes a separate fully reporting public company to maximize its potential.

The Medical Marijuana industry is growing at an extremely rapid rate and this emerging growth industry seems to have growth potential that will continue to grow for years to come. As other states legalize the use and sale of products and services for this industry, we plan to find our niche and opportunities. Hemp too is an integral part of our business. Hemp is the legally grown, non-intoxicating cousin of the Marijuana species and it is an excellent feed-stock for producing biodiesel.

Cannabis products, including medical marijuana, are now permitted in about 20 states in the U.S. and the District of Columbia. Recreational use is legal in Washington and Colorado and Nevada, Alaska, Michigan and New York are new entrants expected to come on board in the next couple years. Some experts estimate that our U.S. industry is a $40 billion dollar industry with room to grow from there. We have no plans for breaking any established laws; our goals are to create only legal products and services in this burgeoning multi-billion dollar industry. According to Health Canada estimates, Canada’s “legal marijuana supply industry” could reach $1.3 billion in sales by 2024, with an estimated 450,000 Canadians eventually becoming users of medical cannabis.

Our goal is to continue to work hard and build this business. We plan to work hard on financing strategies to raise capital for this subsidiary (possibly through private placements) these strategies do not include massive dilutions of our stock. This is how the other more significant firms in our sector grew their business taking advantages of acquisitions and partnerships.  Our industry is nowhere near maturity and our opportunities are significant, we plan only on success.

This year we opened two retail stores int he state of Washington to sell CBD products

o_RAy9uCspqdjKEWqzzFKBydx63Tc7REO1qSJUr9KxQ The successful grand opening of our retail stores represents the first of many stores to come; Seattle is the targeted location of the next store (we spent time this weekend looking at properties). Patients have come int
o our stores with a wide range of ailments and they have purchase our CBD (Cannabidiol) 

products. Patients with ailments of cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD have sought out our stores and purchased our meds with positive results. This is the most rewarding side of our business… because we are truly helping people. Our CBD Edible brand is “THE ULTIMATE CURE

 A local paper wrote an article on our opening and that article and these images can be found on the following links and video of our Tacoma store… these articles and video were instrumental for some of our store traffic:,,, Our goal is for USEI is to build a significant business enterprise that focuses on cannabis related products and services and to add shareholder value to the firm. 


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